Hidden Treasure of the Week: Michael Kors Wristlet

One of my favorite gifts that I got for Christmas is my large Michael Kors wristlet. Here are 10 reasons why I love it and why you should invest in one for yourself…

  1. It’s spacious- I am able to fit my cards, cash, phone, charger, and keys in this!


2. Wide selection- From black to pink and animal print to metallic, there is a style for everyone.


3. Feels great- The leather is soft to the touch!


4. Reasonable price- These can be found at Michael Kors outlets, so with all the markdowns, you can get one for less than $50!


5. Wearable all-year round- This accessory can be paired with a sundress or a parka..it is not season-specific.


6. Lightweight- Don’t want to lug around a big, heavy purse? Carry all of your essential items in this wristlet!


7. Timeless- I believe that these don’t go out of style. Their simplicity and elegance makes it wearable for years.


8. Versatile- It is small enough to be used as a wallet and big enough to be used as your only carrier accessory.


9. Easy maintenance- If you constantly get your accessories dirty, you can buy a leather cleaner for $9.95.


10. It’s cute!! I love wristlets because they are not over-the-top and they make any outfit more sophisticated.




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