Underrated Designers

Over winter break, I’d say I spent about 99% of my time stalking the Instagram pages of various designers. Eventually, I came across several underrated designers that I grew to love so much that I needed to share their amazing work.

Ralph and Russo (@ralphandrusso)

The silhouette of Ralph and Russo’s designs tend to be inspired by the 1950s, but they also love working with draping and bold colors, combining an old-fashion design with a contemporary aesthetic in their collections.

And let’s not forget about their fabulous shoes!

Paolo Sebastian (@paolo_sebastian)




The designs of Paolo Sebastian are the epitome of elegance with his use of soft colors and intricate detailing.


Krikor Jabotian (@krikorjabotian)

The structure and shape of Krikor Jabotian’s designs is captivating. I also love the use of neutral colors because it allows the detail in his work to be the main focus. His work is pure elegance.



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