Bring on the Boots

When the temperatures drop, boots are my go-to shoes. They’re comfy and stylish all at the same time. Here is my guide for how to pair the right boots with the right outfit…

Tall boots – When wearing leggings and a chunky/flowing top, wear tall boots. They create balance and contrast in your outfit.

Ankle boots- Wear ankle boots with folded up skinny jeans. This allows for your boots to be seen clearly. Also, if you just tuck your jeans into your boots, they will wrinkle. As a result, your outfit will look sloppy.

Over-the-knee boots- These boots are becoming more and more popular. I like to pair them with short dresses. They cover more skin and elongate your legs.


Combat boots- These boots can be worn loose or tight. If worn loose, you can simply wear them over your pants and feel comfortable. When you wear them tight, I suggest wearing boot socks with them to keep your pants from wrinkling.


I hope this was helpful!


~Stay fashionable, Hokies!


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