Fashion YouTubers

I never really watch TV anymore, instead I just watch YouTube videos. There is a whole community of YouTubers that make videos for a living about beauty and fashion. The YouTube channels that I watch consist of people that make videos about fashion, but also lifestyle and “vlog” type of videos too.

Here is a list of some of my favorite beauty and fashion YouTube channels:

  • Katy Bellotte; hellokatyxo on YouTube
  • Amanda Steele; makeupbymandy24 on YouTube
  • Claudia Sulewski
  • Sarah Belle
  • Caitlyn Bea
  • Meghan Rienks



My favorite channel is by Katy Bellotte, or hellokatyxo on YouTube. She is in college so she is very relatable and does very personal lifestyle videos. She also does fashion videos such as of her everyday makeup routine or outfit inspiration. Another favorite of mine is Amanda Steele, or makeupbymandy24 on YouTube. She does a lot of outfit of the week videos and also shows off some of the new makeup products she tries.

Overall I just love watching these videos about fashion and beauty. These are all just regular people that found a hobby in something I am also interested in. Watching these videos gives me outfit inspiration and recommendations of new makeup products I should try. I definitely recommend looking up some of these channels.

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