❀ Spring Awakening ❀

The flowers,

The trees,


All blooming with the sweet kiss of spring

And rays of sunshine warming our now bare skin

And our full hearts-

Defrosting from a barren, silent, godless winter

Light breezes dance upon our cheekbones in celebration

Celebration of a new beginning-

A Spring Awakening.



Screen Shot 2016-03-16 at 8.10.33 PM.jpg

Finally Alive,

Spring outstretches her arms from a deep slumber.

Glowing & Iridescent,

Her cheek bones radiating with morning dew.

She frolics amongst her creations

Lovely tulips,

Fragrant cherry blossoms,

Lush grass.

The days growing longer

Almost as if Spring herself was dragging her feet on the fresh soil

No longer wanting to be tucked away by maleficent Winter

Remind us:

keep marching on.


Stay starry-eyed and stylish.




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