My Top 5 Hair Necessities

I don’t use too many hair products because I don’t want to damage my hair at an early age. However, I have noticed that these following products have made my hair look and feel a lot better…


Paul Mitchell Spray Wax– This is my favorite curling product. I hate using hair spray because it makes my hair crunchy and it doesn’t hold the curls as long (at least for me). When I came across spray wax, I fell in love with it. Your hair feels normal and it holds the curls for hours.


Renewing Argan Oil of Morocco- I put a little less than half a palmful of this oil on the tips of my hair and my hair becomes so much smoother. You might have to adjust the amount depending on how thick your hair is (I have thick hair so I use more than normal). You will definitely notice a difference!


Non-elastic hair ties – Elastic hair ties can leave creases in your hair and pull hair out. Non-elastic ones don’t do either. Plus, they don’t snap like elastic ones do.


Garnier Fructis Leave-In Conditioner– I use this product when I don’t use argan oil. When my hair is a little bit damp, I apply this to the tips of my hair and my hair becomes smooth. Plus, it smells so good!


Tooth hair comb- When your hair is wet, it is better to use a comb to groom your hair because it doesn’t put too much stress on it and pull it out. Comb starting from the bottom so you don’t pull more hair out also.

Stay fashionable, Hokies!

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