What Should I Wear for an Interview?

Summer is coming! A lot of us will be working summer jobs or internships for those months. Before we work those jobs, we have to make it through the interview. What should you wear, though?

Some employers will tell you how to dress (i.e. business casual or business professional). Whether you are informed of what to wear or not, always dress nicer than you think!


Business Casual

Do’s: blazers, knee-length (or close to) skirts, blazers, solid-colored blouses, light-printed blouses and shoes you’re comfortable in

Don’ts: jeans, casual shirts, sporty attire, clothes with writing on them, or revealing shirts

Business Professional

Do’s: matching top and bottom, neutral colors, collared shirts, fitted pants and blazers and comfortable heels

Don’ts: revealing tops, short skirts, bright colors or casual clothes

General tips:

  • don’t wear a lot of makeup (look natural!)
  • wear minimal, simple jewelry
  • avoid wearing a watch (don’t be tempted to look at the watch during the interview)
  • iron/dry clean your clothes
  • smile!


Business Casual

Do’s: loafers, collared shirts, dress shirt, sweaters, khakis, belts, dress pants

Dont’s: jeans, t-shirts, sporty clothes

Business Professional

Do’s: suits, ties, collared shirts and dress shoes

Don’ts: jeans, khakis,or t-shirts


Now, go show up to your interview looking good!!




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