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Gladiator/Strappy Shoes

Dare to wear knee length gladiator sandals with cropped denim shorts this September. Via Camille Callen. Tank: Mango, Sandals: Dada.:

This style has always been around, but they have once again been declared a closet necessity for any fashionista’s closet.

Deep Cut Tops

black lace up v neck shirt bodysuit sexy strappy Super sexy onesie bodysuit fits perfectly under short or jeans or a skirt & provides a smoothing out of tummy while accentuating bust with adjustable tie in front. Actual item in all 4 photos. Avail in sizes xs s m & l. Ships approx 2 weeks after purchase .  (If added to bundle and purchased, all in stock items will be shipped immediately and other items will be shipped once they arrive at no additional cost) Tops Tees - Long Sleeve:

This style has been around since last year and it’s still so popular! It takes a certain figure to pull it off, but if you got it flaunt it.

Baseball Hats

I think you could should bring back baseball caps. Simple tennis dress, sneaker type shoes too, and a cap. done:

I can’t go anywhere without seeing some type of baseball hat. I recently bought a polo one and I must say, I can see why they’re so popular. They’re a trendy way to cover up 2nd day hair!

Bomber Jackets

cest la vie, tea and cake, khaki bomber jacket, asos bomber jacket, celine sunglasses, ash blonde hair:

I remember how popular these used to be when I was younger, so it’s interesting to see bomber jackets making their way to mainstream fashion once again. They’re a comfortable and stylish addition to any look.


Super Cheap! Sports Nike shoes outlet,#Nike #shoes only $27!! Press picture link get it immediately! not long time for cheapest:

Who didn’t have a pair of classic all-white Adidas at one point in their life? I sure did and it seems I might have to purchase another pair as they’re all the rage currently. Adidas have always been a powerhouse brand, but the release of the Yeezy Boost 350s has pushed them back to higher popularity. Now, everyone is about Adidas shoes, hats, and apparel.

Exposed Shoulder Tops

cut out shoulder jumper.:

Off the shoulder or cut out shoulder tops are in every store this spring. There’s something about an exposed shoulder that’s subtly sexy and chic. No wonder we were quick to get dress coded in high school.


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