How Hokies Style Button-Down Shirts

The summer is almost over yet it isn’t sweater weather yet. As we transition from ice cream season to pumpkin spice latte season, what could possibly let us enjoy the semi-chilly weather? Hokies have an answer for you: Shirts!

From flannels to denim, button down to Hawaiian, there are many ways you can style a shirt. Here is how our fellow classmates decided to style their favorite pieces.


Elizabeth Spicer – General Engineering

“I love floral prints and crop tops, so this shirt is naturally one of my favorites. Pairing interesting tops with high-waisted jeans and Berks is a go-to format for me.”


Celie Lei – Archtitecture

“I usually buy what I like and I am naturally drawn to cute looking pieces. I love white and black combinations and like to pair them with cute accessories. Today I wanted to bring out my ‘meow'”.


Greg Borbon – Industrial Design

“I describe my style as flamboyant and vibrant. I’m not afraid to experiment with different types of prints and fabrics and I also love trying new colors. I usually will buy a button down shirt that is simple and pair it with a more dramatic jacket. Or I will buy a powerful shirt and make the rest of my clothes simple with clean lines.”


Andrei Rizescu – Marketing

“I look for color combinations over anything. When I buy clothes I typically go for the simpler design over the more complicated. I love the aesthetic of simple and muted designs. For example, the Aloha shirt I’m wearing may seem like a semi-complex design, however given that the pattern is printed on the inside of the shirt, it comes out muted. The color combination that I used here is based on a common pallet. Using inspiration posts online and design principles, one can develop common color pallets and transfer them to outfits.”


Bridget Walz – Architecture

“I usually go for what’s comfortable and I love simplicity. I also love denim and neutral colors. Shirts are easy and comfortable to work in and since I spend a lot time in studio, I like being comfortable in my clothing.”


Daniel Almeida – Mechanical Engineering

“Black is my favorite color and I do love having gradients of color on what I am wearing. I usually have a combination ready so I can just pick stuff right out of my closet. I value comfort, but have a style involving neutral/dark colors.”


Danielle Service – Architecture

“My style is very minimal. I do love wearing full on neutral colors and add a little dash of vibrancy to bring out my style. I like to wear Kanye West style clothing, but I also love being comfortable in what I am wearing.”


Kylie Quinn – Industrial Design

“When it comes to fashion, my main priority is comfort and practicality. That’s why a large portion of my wardrobe consists of flannel shirts. I not only love the material, but also how versatile they are. I can wear them over a t-shirt or dress. I can wear it open, closed, or just tie it around my waist to add color and style to a simple outfit. I am from Seattle and definitely was influenced by the culture of the city. Flannels are very popular there because they are perfect for the constantly overcast weather.”

So what do you think? How would you style a shirt?

Till next time ❤ – D.K.

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