How to Transition your Summer Pieces into Fall

It’s almost my favorite season of the year and you know what that means- time to buy new fall clothes! Except for one issue- I don’t have any money to spend on new clothes at the moment. The solution? Find some cute ways to keep wearing my favorite pieces from this summer!

1. Crop tops: Throw a flannel over it


Who doesn’t love a comfy flannel? Throw on some thigh-high socks for that extra autumn touch.

2. Shorts: Go for a cute sweater and ankle boots


I’ve always thought this look was so cute, plus it’s practical for those days where it’s still on the warm side. If it does get chilly, just add some tights.

3. Tank tops/t-shirts: Toss on an oversized cardigan and ripped jeans


This one is so easy to throw on. You’ll effortlessly look put-together and fashionable.

4. Dress/romper: Sweater+boots=perfect fall outfit


Keep wearing your favorite summer dress or romper by adding a comfy knit. Throw on some boots to really amp it up!

5. Button down skirt: Add some leather


The button-down skirt was by far my favorite trend this summer. Paired with a leather motorcycle jacket, it looks even cuter for the fall!



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