What to Wear to an Interview

As a Business major, trying to piece together business casual pieces is always a struggle. I always seem to run out of inspiration and end up wearing the same outfit for every interview.

The truth is that the right outfit is key to doing well in interviews. Wearing a well-put together outfit not only gives you the confidence to perform better, it also will be the first thing your interviewer will look at, so you want to make sure you give a good first-impression.

Here are some ideas to look more professional and put together for your interviews/business events:

Statement Necklaces


A necklace can be the perfect finishing touch to an outfit. Whenever I feel like my outfit is missing something, I always reach out for a necklace and it makes the look more complete.

Pencil Skirts


Investing on a pencil skirt is always a good idea, specially if you attend many business events. Having a neutral color such as black, white or brown will allow you to easily match your skirt with any shirt or blazer.



Wearing pumps or flats are not your only option. Wearing booties is a perfect in-between idea specially with fall weather coming up.



Wearing a watch can make your outfit look more professional and gives off the impression that you value time management.

My Outfit


This is the outfit that I put together and plan to wear for my interview next week.

Hope you guys got some inspiration for your next interview or business event!

Love, Andrea.

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