Nail the Trend: Lace-Up

There’s one trend that we are seeing everywhere this season and that’s lace-up details! From sexy thigh-high lace-up heels to vintage lace-up tops, the 70’s trend of lace-up details brings a retro, yet simplistic look to any outfit. Lace-up details were seen all over Spring 2015 runways from designers including Givenchy, Louis Vuitton, and Gucci, and from there, the trend began!

lace-up sweater-lace

Lace-up Tops: The picture to the left depicts a light and flowy blouse that can be unlaced for more of a going out look or laced to the top and paired with a cute pair of jeans and a utility jacket for a more day time look. The picture to the right depicts a comfy, mauve lace-up sweater that is a perfect edition to your fall wardrobe! The sweater can be purchased here:


Lace-up Vintage Tops: Make your own! All you need is an over-sized band t-shirt or any t-shirt of your choice, scissors, eyelets, and string. To add more of a vintage look, take one side of your open scissors and tear holes in your shirt. This trend could cost you $75 on Coal N Terry Vintage, but you could make it yourself for $20 or less!

kylie   lace-shoes

Lace-up Shoes: Lace-up thigh-high boots are definitely a huge trend to look out for this fall! Kylie Jenner (left) is killing it wearing these Steve Fabrikant lace-up boots. These boots can be dressed up with a mini dress with a satin bomber, or paired with a flowy solid colored dress, making the shoes the star of the outfit.  Another must have this season are lace-up pointed toe flats. These shoes can be paired with some light washed boyfriend jeans or a flattering midi dress. These shoes are the perfect fit for anyone, especially for those times you want to be sexy, but without the heels.

girl  pants

Lace-up Pants: I’m loving this daring pants trend; they are are the perfect statement piece for any wardrobe. Lace-up pants can be dressed up with some heels or dressed down with some Adidas Superstars. Sarah Ashcroft (left) just recently came out with a line of clothing on Missguided and it is filled with lace-up details. Expect to see lots of lace-up detailed pants, shorts, and even skirts this season!

neck-lace   choker

Lace-up Chokers: Just when you thought lace-up details were everywhere, they are in accessories too! Chokers have become increasingly popular and add a trendy and retro accent to any outfit.The lace-up detail adds an edgy accent to a leather, suede, or even a denim choker!


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