What to Wear to a Semi-Formal Event

Whether it’s a date party, a night out, or just one of those days you feel like dressing up for no reason, these guidelines for what to wear always apply. If you’re looking for a fun event to go to where you can dress up, LASO (the Latino Association of Student Organizations) is hosting a Casino Night themed gala next Friday, October 7th. The event is open to everyone and will have music, food, and overall, good vibes. For more information, visit the Facebook event here: https://www.facebook.com/events/1755334794708767/

Anyway, let’s get into the tips:

1.  A Little Black Dress


A little black dress is iconic for a reason; it’s the perfect in-between when you don’t know how dressy or casual you should be for an event. It’s also very versatile, so even if you only have one event to go to now, you can definitely use it for a future event. LBDs are also affordable, so you can buy a very basic one for super cheap or splurge a little on higher-quality, more detailed one. If you want something that will stand out a little more, but still be versatile, opt for a simple dress with a bold color. Also, I’d suggest wearing a looser fitting dress since you’ll be moving around a lot and having to pull down a fitted dress will get annoying. Tobi and Charlotte Russe tend to have great, affordable selections.

2. Blocked-Heels/Wedges


Heels are an essential part to an outfit for a formal event, but they kill your feet! In order to make heels more tolerable, be smart about the ones you choose. Blocked-heels are very popular right now and they’re way more comfortable and easier to walk in than thin high heels. Wedges are also your friend. They may give off a more casual vibe, but the right style can be formal enough. You don’t want to be that girl who wears heels, but ends up barefoot all night. Charlotte Russe has the best shoes for great prices!

3. A Light-Weight Jacket


When you leave a semi-formal event, it tends to be pretty chilly outside, so make sure you bring a light-weight jacket. This could be a blazer, a cascading jacket, or even a motorcycle jacket if you want to add an edge to your look (and depending on the event).

4. A Crossbody Bag/Clutch


A bag is a necessity at semi-formal events because you need a place to keep the essentials. Some people just take the basics like their phone and keys when they go to a semi-formal event since their bag is smaller, but please, go prepared and bring more than that. You’re most likely going to be sweating from dancing, so make sure you pack deodorant and some of your must-have makeup items to touch up, especially if your friends decide to go somewhere right afterwards. Always got to stay in formation, ok ladies. (Beyonce, anyone?)

4. Jewelry


If you decide to go with a simple dress, style it up with some accessories. If the event is on the more formal side, opt for a statement necklace. If it’s on the more causal side, wear dainty jewelry to dress up the look without looking like you’re trying too hard.

If you follow the tips above, you should have an easy time picking an outfit and your night should be a breeze with the tips geared towards comfort and practicality.

Hope to see you at the Gala!





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