The Edgy Casual Look by Hokies

As we are saying goodbye to the last month of summer and the 80-degree weather, we are welcoming fall by incorporating long sleeves, booties, and pants into our wardrobe. Neutral colors are also back in and the vibrant and bohemian Coachella look of summer is replaced by a more edgy/casual look.

Here are a few fashionable Hokies who were caught by my camera on this last week of September sporting their own edgy/casual look.

Pamela Sun 

img_0811    img_0807

“Being an architecture major, I really enjoy all forms of art. Whether it’s appreciating it or creating it, I love to surround my daily life with the creativity of art and fashion which is another medium through which I can create art. The way fashion and style can make a person feel is truly powerful and that’s what I think about when I put on an outfit for the day or help a friend pick out a top. The way I dress is not only a reflection of my creativity, but I also believe it can affect the way you perceive the rest of your day.”

Soroush Sasanian & Chin Adiele

img_0431 img_0428

Fashion is about to take a left turn -Virgil Abloh” 

“I always wanted to find something special in a piece of the clothing I buy. [I want] to make people look at what I want them to, like wearing all black with a white pair of shoes. Fashion is about being special, being seen, directing people’s eyes in the way that you want and that’s what always inspires me.” -S.S

“When I dress up, I usually try to find colors that correspond with each other. Sometimes the colors can be different shades of one color, or the colors can be completely different colors. I usually pick out clothes in the order of shirt then pants and then shoes. I dress up the way I do because it allows me to come up with really good combinations of outfits. ” – C.A

Megan Ganley 

img_0803  img_0802

“The shirt was from my grandmother, the pants from my mother, and the shoes from my dad. With a little bit of them and a little bit of me, I am who I am today, inside and out. My style is bubblegum punk- soft and hard, cute and intense.”

Connor Howerton

img_0646  img_0643

“My style is mostly inspired by geometry and colors. I wear a lot of clothing with clean lines and dark colors. I like being able to look a tad edgy by wearing ripped jeans, but still put together with a sharp shirt and pair of shoes. I think it helps me look aesthetically pleasing without being too loud.”

Celei Lei

img_0434  img_0433

“I like neutral colors and comfort. During fall, I love being cozy so I go for fabrics with softer material.”

Till next time ❤ – D.K.

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