Roanoke Fashion Week at a Glance

This past weekend, twelve FMDS members traveled to Roanoke to volunteer for Roanoke Fashion Week. The fashion show included self taught designers, Fashion Merchandising Alums, and local businesses such as Gypsy Palooza, Plato’s Closet, and Hidden Treasures.  Meredith Cox, Meg Garfield, and I were able to interview a few of the designers before their clothes hit the runway. Here are some of the highlights!

Designers at Roanoke Fashion Week:

1. April Ward
Black Tie Masquerade



When we asked to describe her line, April explained how she was inspired by the holiday season coming up and the need for formal wear.

2. Radford Student Designers presented by John Jacob

Dakota Wells, now a Radford alum, created bright color-blocked pieces for her senior year collection. Other pieces included designs from Megan Wells from her junior year at Radford, as well as Brittany Moore.


3. Hans Moore

Technology is Becoming Man


Hans created his garments from unconventional materials and various items you would find around your house. These items included sun visor material, coffee cans, telephone cables, DVDs, and many more. He stressed his line was not a ready-to-wear line, but more of an art form.

Here are some additional photos!








One thought on “Roanoke Fashion Week at a Glance

  1. This is a great article and appreciate learning about fashion design here in the NRV. Please keep the blogs coming, i find them very inspiring!


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