Boys Like Girls and Girls Like Boy’s Shirts

Ladies, what makes boys shirts so appealing to us? Is it the smell, the comfort, or the messy, but cute look we can use them for?

I am just as guilty as anyone when it comes to wearing men’s shirts, whether it be a flannel, a sweater, or a T-shirt. In fact, as I am writing this I am wearing a men’s shirt right now. When I walk into Goodwill, I immediately head towards the men’s section first. What makes this look so appealing?

I think this idea is the perfect example of wanting what we can’t have. Of course, since these shirts (sent from heaven I might add) are not made for us ladies, so that’s why we have to have them.

There is something about being able to throw on an oversized sweatshirt and have it pass as an outfit that you spent hours putting together. Kourtney Kardashian is by far the best at pulling off this look.




My favorite look would have to be the classic flannel and leggings, especially being in the midst of Blacksburg Fall weather. Nothing is better than rolling out of bed, slipping on your softest pair of leggings, and buttoning up that ever-so-comfy flannel. Even Selena Gomez pulls off this look and looks flawless doing it.


Even fashion guru Mary Kate Olsen goes for this laid back, grunge look.


Men’s t-shirts are another guilty pleasure that I find myself indulging in.They literally work for anything–going to bed, going grocery stopping, and even going out. Why would the fashion industry torture us women with such soft fabrics. Nothing beats taking your bra off after a long day at work and slipping into a large t-shirt only to crawl in bed and cuddle up to some Netflix. There is something psychological about running to the store in a men’s over-sized tee and feeling totally presentable versus wearing my adult small t-shirt and feeling like I need to hide behind every aisle.

My verdict: it’s the ‘messy, but cute’ look mixed with the comfort of fabric sent from the t-shirt gods that really sells the compelling men’s shirt look.

I wonder if we would be just as content if they started making over-sized, soft-as-a-sheep shirts and placing them in the Ladies section of our favorite stores, or would we continue to browse the men’s section?

Until Next Time,



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