*Editor’s Pick: Sleepwear as Streetwear

Lounge-wear has been a huge trend this year, especially now that we’re heading into fall. People want to be more comfortable with the cooler weather, so styled up sweatpants and sweatshirts are the way to go. Here are some examples of lounge-wear transformed into chic street style looks!


The key to making sweatpants look stylish is to choose the right accessories and shoes. A cool pair of sneakers or even high heels paired with a more tailored jacket and clutch pull this type of look together.



Sweatshirts are being dressed up with skirts and clutches, but more oversized sweatshirts/dresses are usually paired with thigh-high boots and a chic bag.

Silk Dresses

These dresses were a huge trend for the warmer summer months. They give off a sexier vibe than the sweatpants trend, but can also be dressed down for a casual feel.


Long, flowing robes have shown up as a huge statement item in recent celebrity looks. They give off a very regal appearance, but still are very feminine.


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