Nailing the Velvet Trend

Velvet, you say? Yes, that’s right. Velvet. The classic 90’s trend has made a definitive comeback this fall season and has practically taken over the fashion industry. Everyone has started to see dresses, jumpers/rompers, shirts, jackets, and even shoes made out of velvet. EVERYTHING velvet. Like the trend of the color purple this season, the velvet trend is fueled in large part by Prince’s death. Celebrities, such as Hailey Baldwin pictured above, highlight just how difficult it is to work an entire outfit of velvet, yet she has styled it with ease. For those of us who are not supermodels and actors/actresses, this trend is on a high difficulty level to pull off. Here are a few ways to nail the bold velvet trend and incorporate it casually, yet fashionably into our daily lives.

1. Dresses

vv d.jpg vv-d-2

Pictured above is the popular slip dress. This dress is super easy to dress up or dress down. The slip dress is versatile and a great staple piece to have in your closet. If you want to add a little grunge to this look, accessorize with a choker or a staple necklace. The addition of a simple white tee or a graphic tee underneath the dress can make this look more casual. Pair this dress with some heeled booties or a cute pair of sneakers for a more comfortable fit. If you want a more formal look, the slip dress paired with normal high heels such as the ones to the right and a fancy clutch would be a good choice.

2. Bomber jackets

vv k.jpg vv-b

Velvet bomber jackets can be worn by males and/or females this fall season. I personally feel these jackets add a unique style to a simple look. Kanye West, pictured above, has made a plain white tee and black jean look into an unique, statement outfit. These velvet jackets can spice up and create an edgy feel to a plain solid color dress or be dressed down with a plain tee and a pair of ripped boyfriend jeans.


3. Rompers

vv r.jpg vv r 2.jpg

Need a cute look for a date party or formal event this season? A velvet romper will do just the trick. These are comfortable, easy to wear, and will make it look like you have spent hours getting ready when really you just jumped into one simple piece. Long sleeve velvet rompers are very popular this fall for formal events. Finishing off the outfit with layered necklaces/choker and lace up heels or booties will have all eyes on you the whole night.

4. Shoes

vv rs.jpg  vvrs.jpg

“Velvet shoes? No, no, nope. That is way too far.” Some of you may be thinking this at first. Do not let the velvet shoe trend intimidate you. Here are some ways to try it out. Try adding a pair of velvet heeled booties to a pair of cuffed jeans. If you want a dressier look, go for a pair of velvet, simple black heels with a nice dress. Velvet is more versatile than you think!

So, take a shot at the velvet trend. You may be amazed at the outfits created!

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