Halloweekend: Last Minute Costume Ideas

Halloweekend is finally here!!! I love holidays, but I have to say Halloween has to be one of me favorite ones for sure. And the reason why I love Halloween so much is because you can get creative with outfits and costumes. But let’s be honest, sometimes it can be a little hard to think of cute costumes ideas.

So here are some easy DIY costume ideas you can try out this Halloween:

North West and Penelope

This is a great and simple DIY outfit to recreate with a friend! All you need is a tutu and matching tops. Pair it with ballerina shoes or heels. If you are North, don’t forget to add a white blazer.

Miss Colombia and Miss Philippines

Who could ever forget the time Steve Harvey messed up by naming the wrong Miss Universe? This is another costume that is perfect to recreate with a friend. Bonus points if you get a guy friend to dress up as Steve Harvey


This costume is super cute and super easy to recreate! All you need is a white crop top, a color tutu,and the unicorn headpiece. For the headpiece you can DIY with paper by folding the paper into a cone and gluing it to a headband.


This one is super cute and super easy. All you need is a flannel shirt which you can pair with some overalls or jeans, and makeup! You can also add a hat if you have one.

Britney Spears


Another easy one! Just get a black skirt, white button down shirt that you can tie in a knot, a gray sweater, and high knee socks. Tie your hair up in breads and don’t forget her hair accessories from her music video!

3 Blind Mice

Get together with 2 of your friends and wear matching black clothing paired with mice ears ( you can DIY by making the ears with colored paper and gluing them to a headband) and sunglasses.


Wear a white dress and wrap a brown fabric around your waste. Print the Starbucks logo and glue it on the cardboard. You can also get creative with it and write something cheeky like “Very Hot!”


Those are all my last minute Halloween costume ideas! Hope you guys liked them and got some  inspiration for this weekend! Have fun and be safe!!



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