The Kanye Effect

Ever since Kanye West came out with his own fashion line, it seems everyone has adopted the signature Kanye Style–Long, loose t-shirts layered with an oversized sweatshirt, faded or distressed jeans, and sneakers. Let’s not forget that he brought back bomber jackets and they’re everywhere! The grungy vibe has taken the fashion industry by storm.

Kanye’s signature look has mainly been adopted by men–thank god! Men’s fashion doesn’t experience the same rapid trend changes as women’s fashion, so to see a different look (as opposed to the classic boat shoes and cargo shorts look) is a breath of fresh air.

kanyee kanye-look

knnn men

kann scott

Despite the strong masculine vibe from Kanye’s style, he has influenced women’s fashion as well.

kourtt layered

kannn oversied

Whether you like him or not, there’s no denying that Kanye West has influenced the fashion world tremendously. It seems everyone is trying to incorporate the over-sized, messy look into their wardrobe. To be honest, so have I. Kanye’s style is the perfect way to look fashionable, but still be comfortable. After all, all it takes is throwing on layers of over-sized clothing to achieve his style.


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