Back to the Basics

The frills of lace, fringe, and stylish pieces are great for putting together a killer outfit, but lets get back to the basics. It is important for every girl to have essential staple items in their wardrobe–pieces that go with anything and everything and can be turned into 10 different outfits. Nothing beats taking one piece of clothing and being able to create a million different looks from it (and the added benefit of saving closet space of course)!

Jeans are the first thing that come to mind when it comes to staple items because you can dress them down or dress them up as much as you want. For a more casual look, it is nice to have a relaxed-fit, distressed pair of jeans, otherwise known as boyfriend jeans.

Or you can style a dark denim with high heels and a blazer for a more professional look.

On that note, a black blazer is another classic staple item for every girls wardrobe because you can wear it for a casual night out or to your powerful position as a Girl Boss like pictured below.

It is also nice to have a basic white or black tee! You can style it with a flannel for the perfect casual fall outfit!

Or style it with an oversized scarf and denim jean jacket (another staple item)

Another great way to style a plain tee is with a simple cardigan. I’m sure you are seeing a trend at this point–staple items leave room for layering which creates the more eccentric and chic looks!

If you have some plain short sleeve tees in your wardrobe, then it is also nice to have some long ones, especially for the Blacksburg winters we will incur. My favorite way to style these are with a puffer vest (one of my favorite winter pieces). It is a nice way to add a pop of color to a plain vest or tone down a vest that is brighter.

Accessories can be staple items too. I think it is important to have a basic clutch in your wardrobe or a small crossbody purse  when you need something to hold the essentials, but not something that will overpower your outfit! Clutches and crossbodies can go with your most casual outfits as well as the times that you dress to the nines.

How many of these staples are in your wardrobe? I’m sure you can think of more, but these are a few that I think are important! When it comes to putting together a fashionable outfit, ‘basics’ should never have a negative connotation.

Until Next Time,



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