*Editor’s Pick: 6 Fashion Trends from the 60s

Many new trends found today aren’t actually that new. A lot of what we find fashionable today is derived from the 1960’s. The sixties were a kind of revolution in terms of women owning their bodies and being bold in their outfits. Fashion idols like Jackie Kennedy, Audrey Hepburn, and Twiggy influenced what trends became popular and stuck throughout the decade. Here are six trends from the sixties being recycled into today’s fashion.

1. Knee High/Thigh High Boots

These boots have been a huge trend this year and I had no idea that thigh-highs were this popular in the sixties as well.

2. Shift Dress

Waistlines are being eliminated as a more shapeless silhouette is becoming more popular. The shift dress worn by Twiggy pictured above could totally be worn today, or a more modern take on this style pictured to the right is a super chic way to follow this trend.

3. Mini Skirts


Mini Skirts, especially those with buttons running up the center, have been super popular and are a cute and feminine way to incorporate a little bit of sixties style into your wardrobe.

4. Pops of Color

Bold, bright colors are probably one of the biggest sixties trends. Even combinations of different bold colors work together to create a really powerful look.

5. Bold Prints







Checkers, stripes, florals, and polka dots are popular sixties prints you can see in today’s fashion. Combining prints is also a really trendy way to show your style.

6. Cat-eye sunglasses

Statement sunglasses like these cat eyes can make any outfit look very high-fashion and chic. The two photos above look very similar in style even though they are decades apart.

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