Oh, I Wanna Dance: 80’s Inspired Outfits

I’ve been in the dancing spirit for the last couple of weeks despite the weather whiplash that Virginia has thrusted upon us. My song of choice – Whitney Houston’s I Wanna Dance With Somebody – is stuck on repeat and was inspired by my parents’ recent 80’s themed anniversary party. I mean it’s a classic, how can I resist?

Now unfortunately, I can’t change my date of birth and grow up in the 80’s, but I can use it as some pretty great inspiration for my everyday life and I’m of the firm belief that all the best dancing happens in a great outfit. So, with a little help from Whitney and somebody who loves me, here’s some outfit inspiration from a great music video.

There’s one look that I really want to focus on and that’s Whitney’s jacket/skirt/crop top pairing. What I love about this is that you can take the same concept and create so many different combinations.

This first inspiration I found is a more casual example of this look. I am such a sucker for stripes and I didn’t realize how great a jean jacket would look over them.


I am floored by how stunning this outfit is. My favorite thing about it is the texture of the jacket making it stylish in a more modern way with the classic 80’s look of a crop top and mini skirt. It would be great for a night out dancing.

Tired of just black and white? I figured as much. This last photo emphasizes my modern day 80’s theme. The bright jacket and flashy accessories would make Whitney proud.

Hopefully this puts you in the dancing spirit and you’re better prepared to channel a love that burns hot enough to last, I know it definitely does for me!

P.S. I found this photo on my inspiration journey, and minus the jacket I thought it fit the theme. It’s more black, white and stripes, but nothing’s stopping you from adding a little color to it to really emphasize that 80’s flash!

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