I’m currently so excited for this new H&M collab with KENZO and once you get a glimpse of these gorgeous pieces, I’m sure my fast-fashion lovers will be just excited as I am.  In the past, H&M has had collaborations with numerous major designers and houses such as Lanvin, Karl Lagerfeld, Maison Martin Margeila, and most recently, Balmain. It will be very interesting to see how popular this collab is compared to the others, especially compared to Balmain, which blew up in 2015. KENZO is a Paris-based luxury brand that does not shy away from boldness and gives up the sophisticated French style for a “kaleidoscopic jungle with a global beat”. The main print for this collection is tiger stripes with a lot of added playful and vibrant vibes. Carol Lim and Humberto Leon, KENZO’s creative directors, really tap into youth culture on a global scale by making a collection that will appeal to many cultures and traditions around the world. Celebs such as Jessica Alba and Chance the Rapper have already been spotted in this wildly patterned clothing. This unique collection is designed to honor the past while incorporating the present and future. Animal prints are used liberally in this collection from body suits, hoodies, mid calf boots, and everything in between. This collection makes you get excited to wear bold colors in the fall and winter and steer away from those neutrals that everyone seems to be drawn to this time of the year. Do not get me wrong, I love my neutrals, but I also love pieces that bring life to a wardrobe. This collection is an affordable way to do go bold with your wardrobe.

Here is a glimpse of the collection released November 3rd:








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