Daya by Zendaya

Celebrity clothing line? Check. Modern and chic details ? Check. Neutral colors with playfulness? Check. Under $160? CHECK!

Clothing lines by celebrities are not new. Kanye West, Beyonce, the Kardashians, JLO… they all shared their sense of fashion with their fans, allowing us to peek into celebrity wardrobes from time to time. Yet Daya by Zendaya could be the answer to all our prayers. Unlike some celebrities, Zendaya is taking a rather accessible approach by lowering the prices without giving up on the quality of her fashion products. In addition to lowering the numbers on the price tag, Zendaya also wanted to reach out to everyone by having multiple sizes available for women with all kinds of body types.

“Fashion is emotional. I think clothing is emotional. When you wear a new jacket, or you buy a good pair of shoes, or… you put on a dress that fits your body just right, you feel different. You feel good. And also, clothes can make you feel negative. If something doesn’t fit right, if something is not highlighting a part of your body that you like, it’s emotional. Right? And it makes you feel something, whether it be positive or negative. So my whole idea with this is to give people the freedom to do what they want with it… you can wear a slip dress and a hoodie if you want to.”


Getty Images 620864446

The clothing line is just like Zendaya’s personality: a little vibrant, a little edgy and completely unpredictable. From jumpsuits to slip dresses, she seems to be playful and experimental with her choices, presenting a wide range of possibilities to add into your style. Although colors like black, white, and brown are more dominant in the collection, it is also possible to find a few pastel pink pieces. Everything in the new line is priced between $18 – $158 and runs from size 0 to 22. You know that feeling of bliss when you find something that is cheap, classy and comes with the right size? Well, seems like Zendaya was aiming just for that kind of happiness by trying to eliminate the struggles of an everyday fashion lover.

Here are a few pieces that I really am considering adding to my closet:

Image result for Dress














You can look at the other pieces in Zendaya’s lined here.

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