Kylie Jenner: Style Star

From her high demand make up line to her infamous Instagram selfies, Kylie Jenner has been in the fashion world’s spotlight for the past year now. She went from having spunky blue hair and an edgy style to going platinum and slowly transitioning to a very sophisticated style using simple and basic colors to enhance her assets. Nude, black, silk, leather, and crop tops are all typical colors and styles that describe the glitz and glam of Kylie Jenner’s sleek style that anyone can easily achieve. These along with skin tight clothing, show-y accessories, fun hair, and sportswear can help you look like an Instagram worthy baddie.

Form Fitting Pieces

Plan B? Kylie wore a knit crop top and leggings in a 'late night fitting' ahead of the Yeezy show, in this photo she shared on Instagram Wednesday:       See this Instagram photo by @kyliejenner • 1.2m likes:

Kylie is well known for enhancing her curves with form fitting clothing pieces and tight dresses and skirts. One of the things that Kylie Jenner and her sisters are well known for are their confidence, so showing off Kylie’s hourglass body shape has made her a true style star. Typically, Kylie’s simple and sleek form fitting pieces are in nude or muted colors, most likely inspired by the Yeezy line.

Glam Accessories

Imagen de new and kylie jenner:          ☼ r o s e q u e e n ☼ Más:

“King Kylie” knows how to make a casual outfit look like it is worth a million (and hers probably are). Suede boots, which are very on-trend and practical, rhinestone chokers, thick belts, and lace-up pieces add chicness to anything from Tyga’s white t-shirt to simple black leggings.

Funky Hairstyles

Kylie Jenner ♥ Más:          Imagen de fashion, makeup, and model:

Kylie Jenner tries so many unexpected things with her hair. Braids, buns, rainbow-colored hair to platinum blonde–she can work ANYTHING and make it a trend. Most recently, boxing braids have been a simple hairstyle that you can wear to class or out with your girls. She plays with hair colors and different hairstyles, making a statement and having fun with her hair.

Sporty Chic

( Fc: Kylie Jenner ) AYYYEEE! I'm Kylie and im Bisexual . I love the beach and surfing. I fell in love with shoes and makeup and i found my someone who makes my heart happy. Xo- Kylie:       pinterest// kjvouge✨ Más:

Just like Gigi, Kendall, and other popular models, sporting work out clothes is a trend that we see everyone wearing. From leggings to dope sneakers, Kylie rocks the casual and cool style like it is her own. She adds accessories like bomber jackets and gold accents to give sporty outfits a little swag.

Kylie Jenner inspires trends and fashion around the world that can be easily be attained with a little bit of black and a little bit of bronze.

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