Business As Usual: The Blazer Trend

As a student, I find myself paying more attention to clothing I could wear to interviews and future jobs or internships (depending on how those interviews go). I’ve been noticing women’s blazers making a huge mark on the fashion world in these last few months. They are super chic and sophisticated, but with the right accessories and shoes, can be dressed up for a night out on the town. Here are some of my favorite looks with blazers.

  • Classic

You can never go wrong with a black blazer. Put on a collared shirt underneath for a more classic and professional version or a fun, flirty dress under the structured blazer to contrast the seriousness this garment usually gives off.

  • Oversized


If you want to be a little trendier with your look, opt for an oversized blazer. Oversized EVERYTHING is in right now, and this trend does not stop in business wear. Paired with some black denim and a neutral shirt underneath, a pop of color in an oversized blazer is an easy way to be trendy in the workplace.

  • The Blazer Dress


This is probably my favorite ways to wear the blazer. Paired with flats and a high pony, this dress can be worn for day time activities, then let the hair down and throw on some cute heels and you’re ready to take on the night!

  • The Cape Blazer

Who said only superheroes can wear capes? This trend is the most daring of all the blazer trends I’ve seen, but if worn correctly, can be the most rewarding. High-waisted dress pants and crop tops go perfectly with this piece, or just add any simple white top like a camisole if you want to rock this look in a professional environment.

  • Statement Cuff

Put a twist on a classic blazer by cuffing the sleeves. I love how the lining of the jacket is usually a fun print or contrasting color to the outside of the garment, so when you cuff it, there is a really fun and playful effect. Some blazers also have the oversized cuffs, which can give off a very put-together vibe.

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