Thanksgiving Styling Tips

It’s the holiday we all know and love…Thanksgiving! Honestly, who doesn’t love endless food? Holiday season is in full swing, so we all have an excuse to dress up. But, Thanksgiving is a holiday where you must choose your outfit wisely. Here are my style tips for dressing for Thanksgiving:

Loose Sweaters

loose sweater

Let’s be honest, no matter how skinny you are, you WILL get a food baby, so be sure to throw on a loose pullover sweater to stay comfy and hide a bulging stomach. A loose top and cardigan will also suffice.


legings   cutout

Leggings are always an essential, but are especially important for Thanksgiving since it’s a pretty laid-back holiday. Again, you want to be as comfortable as possible after you’re super full. If you want to dress up your outfit, you can wear faux-leather leggings or ones with cool cut-outs.

Flat Boots

knee flat

Most likely you’re just going to be walking around your house or a family member’s house, so no need to be extra and wear high heels. Opt for some flat, trendy over-the-knee boots or ankle boots to stay comfortable and stylish all night.

Here are some more outfit ideas to get some inspiration for your Thanksgiving/Friendsgiving Feast. Remember, the key to dressing for this holiday is to be comfortable, so wear what works best for you.

fur.jpg thanks.jpg

thnkz.jpg thnx

thnn thnnx



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