The Sneaker Takeover

Now, of course, sneakers have always been worn by everyone, but within the past year and a half, sneakers have made their way into everyone’s closet as a fashion statement; even the most feminine fashion figures have added an edge to their style by wearing stylish sneakers.

Ever since Kanye West’s sneaker launch with Adidas, sneakers have blown up in the fashion world. Nowadays, you can see every brand making their own trendy sneakers from the original big-box sneaker brands like Puma (and their collab with Rihanna to make a velvet sneaker that’s super popular right now) to fashion shoe giants like Steve Madden.

yeesyezzypumasteve sneakersnek-3

There’s no question that sneakers have been a fashion statement now more than ever; they’re a comfortable and chic way to spice up any outfit plus, they’re versatile. What more could you ask for?

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