Her Campus 1st Annual Media Mixer

Her Campus is the number one Female College Magazine and its articles are written solely by college journalists. Virginia Tech has its very own Platinum level Chapter on campus! Campus Correspondent Kaley Roshitsh and Her Campus Virginia Tech hosted VT Vogue at their 1st annual Media Mixer Friday Night. Along side VT Vogue was Silhouette  Magazine, VTTV, Collegiate Times, and famous VT fashion blogger, the Well-Dresses Student, were present.

This was a night of food and fun socializing! Upon arriving to the event everyone was given a wristband with the name of a celebrity and you had to find your dynamic duo in the crowd. I am still looking for my dynamic duo… Jada Pinket Smith where you at… but this was a great way to mingle and start conversations. This game provided a conversation starter and forced us to all walk up to someone knew and begin a conversation. It was also a great way to get to know people and what they did for their organization. Of course prizes were involved, so when your duo was called, you had to know the name of your partner, the organization they were involved in, and what their position was.



The event was sponsored by Sparkling Ice, Skinny Pop, and Insomnia Cookies. The Her Campus team created an Instagram challenge for us to participate in as a great way to win prizes. All we had to do was post a pic with a sponsored item and use the hashtags: #mediamixer2016 #hercampusvt. This was a great way to thank the sponsors as well as post cute pictures! Among the prizes were insulted CamelBaks, wristlets, make-up and other fun items.

The dress of the event was cocktail so everyone busted out there fanciest dresses! One thing in particular that I loved to see as people came in were their shoes… Everyone’s shoes were absolutely stunning and they were all different! It was also fun to see everyone’s  personal style reflected through their outfits! I wore a long sleeve velvet, floral print dress with dark maroon tights underneath and black booties.

Something really cool that the Her Campus team had at the event were letters to Santa! Because of the upcoming Holiday season, it seemed fitting to have a station to write letters to Santa. For every letter written to Santa, Her Campus Virginia Tech donated a dollar to the make a wish foundation. By the end of the night,  the bag was full of letters. This was such a great way to give back.

As a Freshman, this event was very helpful in making connections and meeting new people with similar interests in journalism! It was definitely a great way to network and socialize. Thank you to the Virginia Tech Chapter of Her Campus for having the VT Vogue team! We can’t wait for many more years of Media Mixers!

Until Next Time,



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