The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Recap

This past Monday, aka the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, could be consider the best/worst time of the year, considering celebration of the world’s hottest woman, as well as celebration that you didn’t finish the whole package of Oreos like you thought you would.

The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show was held in Paris; the perfect location for the romance and luxe of lingerie. From Gigi Hadid to Adriana Lima, 52 models strutted the cat walk in exquisite outfits as per usual.

Image result for vs fashion show 2016

The show began with a very international vibe, playing Spanish music while having an oriental style as well. One of the models had a paper dragon actually wrapped around her. Models like Kendall Jenner began to hit the runway and Lady Gaga graces her presence and kills the stage.

Image result for vs fashion show 2016

After Lady Gaga performed, multiple models continued to work that stage and perfectly wink and blow kisses.

Image result for vs fashion show 2016 lady gaga

To give the show a youthful and funky vibe, Bruno Mars and the PINK models create a funky and fun environment with styles that can be worn on a day to day basis. The newest model, Josphine, was introduced after “getting her wings”.

Image result for vs fashion show 2016 josephine

After Josephine was introduced, The Weeknd kicked off the more seductive portion of the show…and you know that he could not resist Bella Hadid.

Image result for vs fashion show 2016 bella hadid the weekend

As always, the show was full of fun, sex appeal, and jealousy from us at home watching in our cozy sweatpants. Until next year VS!

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