*Editor’s Pick* What To Wear: Welcome 2k17 Edition

As we left one of the most annoying years according to general consensus behind, it is now time for us fashion-lovers to look further into the new year and decide what to fill our wardrobes with. Here are a few trends of 2017 that I have noticed on the street and learned through meticulous Vogue and Elle reading. So let’s jump right in and see what we should expect from 2k17.

Chokers (And Men)
One day, you were happily enjoying 2016 and the naked necks of your peers, the next day, BOOM! Chokers happened. From the tattoo-looking, wired chokers to the super thick, almost-covering-your-whole-neck chokers, the trend introduced itself back to 2016 after 20 years of recess. But we already left 2016 behind, so what will happen to this trend that we all hate to love and love to hate? Well, it seems like chokers are starting to appear on the necks of men. I don’t know about you, but I am curious to see this trend pick up.

Image result for asos men choker

Glam Lips

From YouTube to Instagram, contouring, baking, and highlighting videos were a big hit last year. The natural look suddenly vanished, leaving its place to faces that are drastically different than the color of your actual skin. However, the tanned faces were accompanied by nude lips, inspired very much by the Kardashian & Jenner family, and adding subtlety to the overall look. Not so much this year. 2017 seems to be the year of making statements so don’t be surprised to see glittery, shiny, metallic lips on the runway. Want to go the extra mile? Check out the trend that combines it all: Drip lips.

Fur Accessories

This is my ultimate favorite trend that I love to see coming up in 2017, but I highly recommend that you jump into this wagon through the “faux fur” gate for the sake of our animal friends. Fur has no age now and certainly no limitation when it comes to the time of the day. If you have always wanted to rush to your 8 a.m. with a fur coat and a fur scarf, 2017 will the year that no one will bat an eye. So don’t let anything stop you from rocking the look and feeling tough under all that soft layers.

Fall/ Winter 2016-2017 Accessory Trends: Fur Scarves

Statement Shoulders

Have you ever dug through your mom’s closet from their early adulthood days only to find shirts with shoulder padding? Well, it is your mom’s turn to dig through your 2017 wardrobe. Balenciaga and Celine already hinted the upcoming trend in Spring 2017 New York Fashion Week so if you want to get ahead, I am giving you a heads up now. 2017 will be the year of strong shoulders and stronger women.

Épaules XXL tendances mode de la saison printemps ete 2017

Stripes & Florals

Another NY Fashion Week gem: stripes and florals. From Lacoste to Marc Jacobs, beachy stripes will be dominating the 2017 look. Florals were introduced last year, especially through Dior’s garden-esque clutches and bags, but this year, the patterns full of roses will be spreading to shirts and dresses as well. Whether you are feeling boldly grunge or extra chic, there is a pattern for your every mood now.

Image result for stripes 2017

Image result for floral fashion 2017

Bare-butt Ripped Shorts & Jeans

The subtlest trend of all, ripped shorts are becoming a thing in 2017. You might say “But I have been wearing ripped jeans since I was born”. Well, it is not the ripped shorts that are getting all the attention, it is where they are ripped. Remember Kylie Jenner’s instagram post back in 2016, where she was wearing a pair of jeans ripped just where her thighs meet her buttocks? Now, everyone is following that trend. So squat through this trend and bare with me my fellow fashionistas because it doesn’t seem to breezing away any soon. (haha, i am terrible)

Image result for bare butt jeans

So what do you think? Which ones are your favorite? Which ones are you hoping for them to disappear before they even become a trend? Let us know!

With Love, Defne


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