4 Fashion Instagram Accounts You Should Be Following

With the establishment of Instagram a few years ago, fashion social media accounts have replaced the traditional-style blogs to allow anyone to see the latest trends and gain style inspiration faster and easier. Here are some of my favorite fashion bloggers on Instagram.





Tess Christine is one of my top favorite fashion bloggers. I started watching her styling videos years ago on YouTube and she is one of the few bloggers I still follow to this day. Her style is incredible and has a wide range as you can tell from the photos above which I personally love because it adds diversity to her theme. She also travels a lot, so it’s awesome to see how her outfits change depending on where she is in the world. Her Instagram is like a travel and fashion blog in one which is fun and inspiring.





Camila Coelho is a Brazilian YouTuber and fashion blogger that has been in the game for years. I think her style is very different from mine at times, but I like viewing a new perspective on fashion. Her style also ranges like Tess’ from girly, to boho, to egdy to give you style inspiration no matter what your fashion preferences are. Her Instagram is definitely one to envy as she is seen everywhere from the streets of New York to yachts in the British West Indies.





Kirsty Fleming’s aesthetic may be too simple for most people, but I love it! I’m generally attracted to simple, but chic styles and that’s definitely what she goes for. Her style ranges from very feminine to a little sporty, but no matter what she’s in, she keeps it neutral with soft colors and classic pieces making her outfits easy to recreate. (I also love her home decor)




Nichole Ciotti’s style has to be my favorite of the bloggers I’ve mentioned. Her style is just more wearable and practical to the everyday person. I also think I relate to her style the most because I love motorcycle jackets, ripped-knee black jeans, and a statement belt, all of which are essential to her wardrobe. It’s a perfect mix of style, comfort, and ease for day-to-day wear which is why she’s one of my favorite fashion bloggers. You don’t have to be over the top with your outfits to be fashionable and trendy.

I hope you’ve gained a little style inspiration from the few photos I’ve selected from their accounts. No matter what you’re style is, you can’t deny that their Instagrams are amazing and worth following. What are your favorite fashion accounts to follow?


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