Valentine’s Day Outfit Ideas

Whether you have a hot date or you’re doing a girl’s night out, here are some romantic and cute outfit ideas!

Dinner Date:

You really can’t go wrong with a hot red/pink/nude dress. Your date will definitely be impressed when you break out a look like these. My favorite way to style a pink dress is with simple nude shoes and delicate gold accessories. When it comes to red, I love the look of black heels and a leather jacket.

A Night In:

If you’re staying in so your valentine can cook you a romantic dinner, these outfits are perfect! Try leather leggings instead of plain ones to amp-up a basic look. Opt for a flirty t-shirt or sweater dress instead of a tighter one. These looks have a good balance of style and comfort, so you’ll look cute and still be able to easily cuddle on the couch while you watch a rom-com.


I love these brunch outfits! They all have the same basic pieces, but the accessories make a huge difference. You can never go wrong with a romantic, flowy white or floral top paired with a classic pair of blue jeans. Add nude, pink, or red accessories to keep it Vday appropriate, and you’re set! Perfect for brunch with your man or your girlfriends.

Girl’s Night:

Honestly, going out with your girlfriends is the best move on Valentine’s Day. Nothing to makes you feel more confident than looking hot with your closet friends. I love how black adds an edgy touch to pale pink in the second outfit, but you can also lighten it up with white like in the first one. If you’re really feeling it, go for all-black and break some hearts.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


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