Putting an Outfit Together 101

It may seem so simple for some, but you’d be surprised at how many people have asked me how I pick out my outfits and how many people make me pick something out for them. I’m pretty good at picking out stylish outfits quickly, but I understand how it may be difficult for some because I wasn’t always good at figuring out what to wear. Honestly, it takes some practice because you have to have an eye for pairing the right items together. With these 3 steps, anyone should be able to pick out the right outfit.

Choose an Initial Piece

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Start off with an item you know you feel like wearing for the day. This item can be based off of your mood, the weather, where you’re going, or it could be a new item you just bought.

Look at the Silhouette

                fitt fit

Analyzing the style of the piece is important in order to complete the outfit. Make sure whatever you pair it with, the proportions are balanced. If you’re wearing a fitted top, pair it with a loose cardigan. If you’re wearing a baggy sweatshirt, pair it with leggings or fitted jeans. By doing this, you’re complementing your figure and making sure you’re not drowning yourself in heavy fabrics or feeling too constricted in a lot of fitted pieces.

Look at the Color

                outgit cool

Color is super important when styling any piece because you want to make sure your whole outfit matches–having good color combinations is key to having a well put together outfit. If you’re working with a cool toned item, like blue or grey, continue to style that with other cool tones like white or silver. If you’re working with warm tones, like army green or maroon, pair that with more warm tones like cream and gold. Overall, you want to make sure you’re matching like-colors unless you’re colorblocking, but that’s another topic for another day.

Look at the Style

                  put style.jpg

If your item is something very simple, like a plain white t-shirt, but you want to dress it up a bit, play the look up with some bold accessories. If you wanted to keep it simple, pair some dainty accessories with it. If it’s something that’s kind of loud, tone it down with simple accessories or neutral tones. When starting off, just keep the balance–don’t pair too many bold items together and pair simple pieces with fun pieces to spice it up a bit (although, a very simple outfit can still have a big impact).

It may take a lot of time and practice for some people who don’t have an eye for it, but over time, it gets easier. I would also suggest looking at outfits on Pinterest or following fashion bloggers to get inspiration, but with these basic steps, you’re on the right path to being a style pro.

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