How to Turn Your Closet Into Cash

Spring came early in Blacksburg and no one is complaining. This is the perfect time of year to clean out your closet and start preparing for the warmer weather! Can you barely shut your dresser or closet? Do you need money for  vacation or a new bathing suit? Luckily, there are many websites that make selling your clothes simple! Listed below are the five best websites and apps to sell your clothes on!

Poshmark lets you create a closet of items you’re selling ranging from lightly worn shoes to jewelry, and apparel. People can follow your closet and get notifications whenever you update your collection. The website allows people to search by brand or type of clothing item. There is also an app that makes selling and shopping for items easy on the go. By making an account you can use the money you earn to buy from other member’s closets, aka more clothing and accessories!

Depop is similar to Poshmark in that you create your own closet or “shop” and people can follow you to be notified when you add another article to the website. There is an explore page on the website that features popular and trendy items. The unique aspect of Depop is that if you find a piece you like in another person’s shop and you can ask to swap an item from your closet with theirs. After someone buys from your shop, they can rate your customer service on a scale of 1-5 stars and follow your account. Each seller is different when it comes to swaps, shipping, and items, which makes selling your clothes on this website a unique experience.

My sister and I have both sold items on the app Vinted, and we agree it is our favorite way to clean out our closets. The app has over 12 million members and more than 22.3 million items listed. How it works is you create an account and post one to four pictures of the item you’re selling. Then you decide on a price and specify the size and item condition. You can easily message the seller and ask for more pictures of the item and you can barter with them. The nice thing about Vinted is the buyer pays for shipping so all you have to do it print out the label and drop it in a mailbox.

There are many different groups on Facebook that are dedicated to selling clothes and accessories. For example, if you are involved in Greek life at Virginia Tech, there is a page “Virginia Tech Sorority BUY SELL TRADE” that hundreds of girls post date party dresses and other items for marked down prices! You can also find pages where locals are selling clothing, furniture, and much more. The best part about selling and buying clothes through Facebook groups is if they are close to your area, you can simply pick the item up rather than having them ship it to you.

Last, but not least, eBay is also a great website to sell clothing on. eBay is unique compared to these other sites because buyers bid on the product you are selling. Bids are open for up to ten days and the highest bidder wins. There is a possibility your clothing, jewelry, or other accessory will be in high demand and you could receive more than your asking price. Although, the downside of eBay is you have to pay for shipping yourself.

If a few of your items are not selling or if you’d rather give away your clothes, the Fashion Merchandising and Design Society’s next Pop-up shop is coming up and we are accepting donations! Date will be posted soon! 🙂

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