5 Tips for Creating Instagram Worthy Flat Lays

We all have those Instagram accounts that we envy. You know, the ones that seem to have a perfect aesthetic. One of my favorite Instagram accounts to look at is YouTube star Zoella. She is artsy and beautiful as well as quirky and fun!

Most of these Instagram accounts have one thing in common– they somehow have perfect flat lays. A flat lay is an artistic way to tell your Instagram followers a story without posting a picture of yourself. Not that posting the occasional style pic isn’t okay, but flat lays are a great way to keep your Instagram clean and chic.

Here are some tips on perfecting a flat lay:

  1. Find a theme: It can be food, fashion, or work

2. Stick with a color scheme: This will help you Instagram look cohesive and clean

3. White space is key: Don’t fill the whole frame with stuff, you want to be able to see the back ground

4. Less is more: Focus on one or two big things and complement them with smaller items

5. Make sure to get the angle right: If you aren’t directly above your layout then you may get some weird angles in your picture which can throw off the cohesion and aesthetic of your page.

Put these tips to work, find a cute filter (my favorite is Clarendon) and tag us in your most artsy flat lay!



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