From Fitness to Fashion

With leggings now being designed in interesting and fun patterns, wearing workout clothes to class or even a social event has become more and more popular. With the growing trend of athleisure, a lot of athletic brands are now transitioning to satisfy consumer wants while new brands are on the rise.

The Canadian brand lululemon, one of the most talked about athletic wear retailers, has answered the call of women around the world to design work out clothes that are chic and attractive. From their assortment to different patterned and textured leggings to their form-flattering work out jackets, lululemon has successfully joined the athleisure movement.

While lululemon answered the call of athleisure, new companies specifically marketing athleisure have arised. Kate Hudson began her athleisure company, Fabletics, in 2013 and by 2015 Fabletics had six locations in the United States.  Since then Hudson has opened fabKids and FL2, a men’s athleisure brand. Retailers like Nordstrom and Target have also created specific sections in their stores for athleisure apparel.

The athleisure trend has done more than turn athletic apparel into fashionable outfits. The athleisure trend goes hand in hand with the sneaker trend. Adidas, Nikes, and New Balance have become more than shoes you wear to work out; they are now our favorite kicks to wear to the grocery store, shopping, or out with our friends.

Celebrities like Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid, and Taylor Swift have followed the athleisure trend and can be spotted running errands around town in their athletic gear.

What is your favorite athleisure brand?



2 thoughts on “From Fitness to Fashion

  1. Always a sports bra of Nike and high-waisted coverage pants or maybe the leggings. From fitness to fashion is a tendency. It’s great because nowadays the sports outfit is also fashionable and it might be the motive source of fitness.


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