Did Bootcuts make the Cut?

Bootcut jeans have come and gone through the years, but is it time they come back? I vote yes! Here is a little recap of the life that bootcut jeans have lived:

  • Bootcut jeans got there start in the 70’s as bellbottoms that flared from the knee.

  • In the early 2000’s celebrities began to bring a less flared version of the bellbottom, the bootcut jean, to the red carpet.


Everyone has to remember this iconic look of Ashley Tisdale’s.


Or Lindsey Lohan at the Teen Choice Awards


  • When the skinny jean trend came to life in the middle of the 2000’s, it was out with the bootcut.
  • In 2011, bootcuts were back in style with stars like Vanessa Hudgens and Kate Hudson wearing them out and about.
  • This continued over the years– they would fall in and out of style. In 2017, they are making a comeback once again.

Open up your bottom drawer, pull out those bootcut jeans you have been hiding away, and put them on! Here are some tips for styling your bootcut jeans:

With spring approaching, dust off your cutest pair of wedges and pair your bootcut jeans with a loose button up blouse.


A great thing about bootcut jeans is that they can cover your boots! Pair them with a cute pair of booties and a more formfitting knit sweater for the perfect combination.

boot and sweatr.jpg

Another great way to style bootcut jeans is to pair them with a cowl neck sweater. The loose neck of the sweater complements the wide leg of the jean.

boto and

Last, but certainly not least, there is the classic jeans and white T-shirt look that will go with any style of pants.

Break out those bootcuts and send us pictures of how you like to style them!!



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