How to Refresh your Wardrobe on a Budget

With the new season comes a need to refresh your current wardrobe. Like most college students, you probably have a strict budget, but a desire to buy everything you see. So, I’ve compiled some tips to give your current wardrobe a makeover that won’t break the bank.


Embroidery is VERY in this season and freshens up any staple piece you already own. Denim, army green jackets, even plain t-shirts can get a major upgrade and it’s a fun activity to do if you have any free time.

Thrift Shop

Image result for vintage thrifted outfits

You can find some gems in any thrift store that you can transform into trendy pieces. Denim jean shorts can be purchased for under $5 and can be easily cut and distressed to become an inexpensive staple in your wardrobe. Vintage is always in, so style any thrifted find to make it look more modern!

Mix Up Your Usual Outfits

We tend to get into a routine with what we wear and if you pay attention to what outfits you keep repeating, you can start to switch pieces around to create new looks and new combinations you might not have thought of before.

Experiment with New Hair/Makeup

Hair and makeup are as significant to an outfit as the clothes. Wearing your hair in a different way or experimenting with new makeup looks can attract the right attention and refresh your look. Braids and bold lips are an easy way to accomplish this.

Raid your Friends’ Closets

What’s the point of roommates if you can’t steal their clothes? This is probably the easiest/fastest/cheapest way to upgrade your wardrobe, temporarily though. Boyfriends are included in this since oversized is in!


I hope these tips helped you find some fun ways to recycle and upgrade your new look!

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