6 Do’s and Don’ts of Going Out Apparel

Going out on the weekends is obviously a big part of college and just another occasion to dress to impress, but we all end up not looking as great as did when we walked in. Hair gets a mess, shoes are destroyed, and so on. After going out often, I’ve learned from my mistakes and realized what I should and shouldn’t be wearing on a night out. Here are my tips:

Dress for the Weather

Don’t (in Winter):




No one really follows this rule and it kills me. Don’t sacrifice comfort for style. If it’s 20 degrees outside, keep your barely-there romper in your closet. I know, it gets super hot at parties, but there are other ways to combat this such as wearing a tank top and ankle cropped jeans or pants. Ladies…BRING A JACKET. There’s always a place to put your jacket at a house party, so don’t risk freezing walking around Blacksburg if you don’t have to. At least bring a cardigan or flannel.

Wear Comfortable Shoes





I know, those strappy heels are super cute, but save them for date parties if you can’t handle them otherwise. Don’t be that girl who walks around barefoot. It wouldn’t kill you to flat wear ankle boots or even shoes with a chunky heel.

Don’t Wear Shoes You Wouldn’t Want to Get Ruined




This may sound very obvious, but somehow, it’s not to everyone. I once saw someone wearing brand new white Converse to a frat party…need I say more? Instead, bring out some inexpensive shoes that are easy to clean or ones that you could do without if they were to get destroyed by jungle juice (which they will). I usually opt for my cheap Forever21 “leather” ankle boots because they’re super easy to clean and believe me, they get super filthy every time I wear them, but I’m never worried about it because I know they’ll be a quick fix. With that said, I’d avoid wearing any suede type of shoes because they’re hard to clean. If you do, I’d suggest wearing a dark-colored suede shoe because the stains won’t be as noticeable, but ultimately, I’d say leather-like shoes is the way to go.

Avoid Sensitive Materials





This was touched on in the previous tip. Try not to wear fabrics or textures that are hard to get stains out such as silk-like materials or suede. Go for leather-like materials for shoes and jackets and the classic, soft polyester (the basic tee material) for tops.

Avoid Wearing Light Colors





Wearing light colors is a bold move, especially white or off-white. Drinks will get spilled and there’s nothing worse than having a stain of red jungle juice on your shirt not just for the night, but forever. If you decide to do this and your top gets ruined, I’d wash it or soak it right away because the longer you let it sit, the harder it is for the stain to come out. I like to wear darker colors because the stains are not as obvious, so you’ll still look put together throughout the night.

Don’t Bring an Expensive Jacket

 Don’t (expensive leather jacket):


Do (Cheap alternative):

You may be tempted to want to bring your Northface in the winter or a real leather motorcycle jacket, but don’t. Jackets get accidentally taken (or stolen) all the time since they’re all thrown in the same place. Don’t bring something that’s too valuable to lose.

Ultimately, you decide what you want to wear; these are just my personal tips that I keep in mind when I go out and would suggest to anyone who needs a little guidance. Wear what you feel is appropriate for you!




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