Trends We Never Thought Would Make a Comeback

Good news, fellow clothing hoarders, you are right for hanging on to those jeans you were told would never be fashionable again. Thanks to the cyclical and ever-changing life of fashion, trends from the past are reborn and refreshed to be great pieces in your modern-day wardrobe. Here are a few items we thought were goners, but somehow made it back into our lives.


Then & Now:

I have yet to try this trend, but I love that something I usually associate with slouchier looks can be styled in a very sleek way as seen on Selena Gomez.

Bootcut Jeans

Then & Now:

We’ve had some bad denim moments in the past, but bootcuts are making a comeback and they look better than ever. I especially love high-waisted pairs.

Platform Shoes

Then & Now:

This is probably one of the trickier trends to pull off and I envy anyone who can. Modern-day takes on platform shoes are more muted and understated than they once were.


Then & Now:

Culottes are fantastic if you want to look chic and professional. They pair well with heels and a cute crop top.


Then & Now:

I used to hate wearing turtlenecks to school and now I think they’re stylish and, thank goodness, way less scratchy. I love pairing them with a nice pair of distressed denim jeans.


So, the lesson here is don’t throw anything out! Who knows, some day it might be considered vintage 🙂


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