An Easy Tip to Get You Ahead in Any Industry

Today’s article is going to be a bit more serious than usual because I feel strongly about the topic. With the massive presence of social media in the past decade, there’s so much information about anything you can possibly imagine. We all mainly use it for personal use, but many companies use it as a way to market themselves and a way to share information. For that reason, it’s important to use this information to get ahead in the industry. Instead of stalking Insta-famous stars that make money off of selling protein powder and face masks, take the time to read short articles on current events in the fashion (or any) industry. Even by glancing over an article before class (or during), you will gain so much information on what’s going on, why, and how. Knowing what’s happening in the industry you’re trying to get into is more important than you may think. My dad always tells me how he asks interviewees if they read and what they know. He complains how frustrating it is that some people don’t know major events that are happening within the industry they’re trying to get into–he doesn’t even hire them because of it. I know, reading may sound like a major turn-off (I hate reading), but when you find articles that pertain to your interests, it’s not a hassle to read about what’s happening.



A publication that I find very informative is called The Business of Fashion. I found them while browsing through Facebook and ever since, I’ve been hooked. I can honestly say I feel way more knowledgeable and informed about why major companies are declining, how consumer needs are changing, and what’s next for the fashion industry after all these game-changing occurrences. The Business of Fashion also offers free, unlimited access to students, so you will never run out of fascinating articles to read–i average at about 2-3 articles a day. So, take the time to read! You will notice an immense difference in how much more you learn about all aspects of the fashion industry and trust me, it’s not all glitz and glam. Sharing what you know about current happenings to a potential employer can be the difference between you and dozens of other candidates.

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