4 Ways to Boost Your Resume

Applying for an internship or job in the fashion industry can seem like a pretty daunting task. Positions in the fashion industry are extremely competitive, especially for jobs at recognized brands. It is so important to have a resume that makes you stand out. Here are five ways to improve your resume and help you score that summer internship:

1.Get Involved


There are endless ways to get involved on campus, especially at a big school like Virginia Tech. There’s an organization for everything, from marketing to photography. If you aren’t already a member, I would recommend joining the Fashion Merchandising and Design Society. Including this on your resume shows that you are involved and interested in the industry. FMDS offers plenty of different ways to get even more involved; you could help at the annual spring fashion show, go help at a nearby fashion show, or help work a fundraiser like the pop-up shop. All of these activities look great on a resume and give you plenty to talk about during interviews.

2. Start a Blog

Image result for fashion blogs

Having an online presence is crucial. Brands heavily rely on their websites and online advertisements as a way to boost business. A blog is a great way to show that you understand that an online presence is vital to business success. It also helps you create a brand for yourself and a way for potential employers to easily see your personality as well as your serious interest in fashion.

3. Work in Retail


Retail experience is a must for anyone hoping to get a job in the fashion industry. Not only does it show your interest in fashion, but you can also gain so many valuable skills from a retail job. Working at a clothing retailer shows that you have great customer service and communication skills. It also shows you have an understanding of how a clothing retailer operates and how decisions are made. You learn invaluable merchandising and time management skills, as well as the ability to work under pressure (working Black Friday will pay off!).

4. Be Creative

Make sure your resume reflects your design skills! Having a creative resume is a fun way to show off your design skills. While this one might not be necessary for the business side of fashion, having a creative resume is a great idea for anyone applying to design-related jobs. Check out these cool resumes for some inspo!

Image result for fashion resumeImage result for fashion resume


I hope these tips help and good luck!

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