The Must-Have Clothing App For College Students

We have all found ourselves texting in hall group chats or desperately calling every friend you know looking for a dress for a special event, but there is no need to frantically send a million texts anymore or giving up because borrowing clothes just got a whole lot easier. Closet Hop is a new app that recently launched at Virginia Tech and allows us ladies on campus to buy, sell, and rent out clothing, jewelry, and accessories.


Richard Welday, a Junior marketing and entrepreneurship major at Baylor University developed with app because of his girlfriends constant need to borrow clothes. Welday loves to think of new business ideas and has a goal of starting multiple new businesses upon graduation. He developed this app because of his interest in shared economy and saw his girlfriends need for formal clothing. Welday explained that it took about five months to go from an idea to a product and is now beginning to launch it on college campuses nation wide.


Closet Hop allows you to take pictures of your clothing and upload it, leaving a space for the brand, price, color, and even a description. Registration for the app requires the use of your .edu email address so when you post items or go to search your feed will show items from your university. You can search by category, browse the main feed, or search for specific items. Closet Hop even has a category specifically for Sorority Wear.


Within the app there are options to rent or sell your clothing and you can place a price for each. If you aren’t certain if you want to keep an item or not then you can list it for both and see if you get any interest. This is a great way to exchange clothes across campus because there are no shipping costs unlike using apps like Poshmark. Closet Hope even provides coverage for any items listed in their app. This means that if you rent out an item and it gets damaged, Closet Hop will cover it.


This is a great way to share your wardrobe, make cash of off clothes you don’t wear anymore, and stretch your style limits. You can download the app from the app store and start adding pieces today! Follow @ClosetHop.VT on Instagram for fun outfit inspiration and to stay up to date on all the trendy pieces on the app!



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