A Clothing Store With No Clothes for Sale: Nordstrom’s New Concept

It’s no secret that the retailing industry has transformed, mainly due to the heavy shift from brick and mortar to e-commerce that was brought upon by Amazon–people just aren’t shopping in stores like they used to. Because of this, many retail giants have either gone bankrupt or are closing many of their stores. With all the changes in retail, it’s crucial companies get with the times and update their strategies to avoid becoming the next victim.

n local

Nordstrom Local, West Hollywood, CA

Nordstrom has been doing better compared to similar companies like Sak’s and Bloomingdale’s. However, they are still innovating in order to stand out and keep up with current shopping trends by creating Nordstrom Local, the first retail store to not actually have merchandise for sale. The purpose of the quaint 3,000 sq. ft. “service-focused concept store” is to provide an overall experience rather than exclusively for shopping by providing services such as manicures, tailoring, and serving a variety of wines, beers, and specialty drinks. During their time here, customers can connect with on-site personal stylists that will handpick items for them and have them shipped to the store for them to try on. Customers can also shop online and pick up in the Nordstrom local store the same day (before 2pm) along with a few other convenient pick-up services.

curb.GIF  drinks.GIF

I have worked at Nordstrom as a seasonal sales associate for the past year now. Nordstrom has always been about providing the best service and experience for their customers–it’s a philosophy you learn about the first day of training. Considering this information, I believe this is a fantastic idea for Nordstrom because they’re still staying true to their philosophy and aligning it with the online shopping generation. Working in retail for a short year, I can definitely see the drop in mall traffic. I do believe this is a concept mainly for the mature clientele, but I’d say that’s Nordstrom’s overall customer in general due to the higher price points of their clothing. Also, because mature shoppers value more of the experience than younger shoppers do. However, working at Nordstrom has allowed me to expect more as a customer, so it could be an experience I splurge on if I had the chance.

The store is expected to open today, October 3rd, and I’m very interested to see how this concept works out!

Source: Forbes.com

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