Top 5 Websites for Internship Hunting

I know what you’re thinking. We JUST got back to school, why do we need to start looking for internships for next summer? The fashion industry is extremely competitive and fast-paced so we all need to stay ahead of the crowd. By starting your search early, you can figure out what kind of experience you are looking for, what areas you may have to relocate to, and who to contact for applications. Planning can also let you know if you need to start saving some money–living in big cities can get expensive! Here are a few websites that I check regularly for internship postings that you can use to help find your dream internship!

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Lauren Berger, the self-named ‘Intern Queen’, runs a business completely devoted to undergraduates looking to find experience in their field of study. You can plug in your industry and the semester you are searching for and then the website gives you a list of companies looking to hire. Kohl’s already has posts for their corporate internships next summer; it’s never too early to apply!

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This website is solely dedicated to fashion internships. Moschino, Vogue Australia, Harper’s Bazaar, and various celebrity stylists are just a few of the many postings you’ll find on here. I like to find a posting, then go to the company’s website to learn more about the position and experience.

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Not only does this website have internships, but you can also search for full-time jobs and temporary/freelance jobs. The postings are mostly for editorial internships like various media outlets, marketing, and print magazine jobs, but, there are positions such as “Fashion Closet Intern” and “Production Intern”, you just have to spend a bit of time searching.

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With such a straightforward name, you expect a straightforward website, and that’s what you get here. Just plug in your major or area of interest to start your search. This website also offers the opportunity to look for entry-level jobs.

Last, but not least, Linkedin! Most of you should already have a LinkedIn profile and if you don’t, get on it asap! It’s not only a place to connect with people and market yourself, but a great tool for looking up internships. There are already internship postings for Victoria’s Secret, L’Oreal, Free People, and more.


I hope this list helps you with your internship search. Happy hunting!

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