6 Essentials for a Professional Wardrobe

As you tweak your resume and polish your interviewing skills, it can be easy to forget about your clothes. However, having a sleek, professional look can be very important in your job hunt. How you dress is a representation of your character and the effort that you put into presenting yourself. It can make or break a first impression or an interview. Luckily, achieving a professional wardrobe can be easy with these essentials.

Cigarette Pants

These straight-legged pants are perfect for the young adult entering the workforce. Whereas a wide-leg pant can be overwhelming, cigarette pants can be more flattering and easier to style. They can be dressed up with a blazer and heels for a professional meeting or dressed down with a simple blouse and flats for a business casual day at the office. You can go with classic black or navy pants to wear with a variety of your favorite blouses.  Or, you can opt for a classy pattern like polka dots or a bold color like red with your more simple tops

Power Blazer

Anyone can wear a basic black blazer, but a power blazer can be exactly what you need to stand out from the pool of other applicants. A blazer in a unique cut, color, or print can complete your look. A power blazer paired with a solid colored dress makes for a sleek, noteworthy outfit. Also, it can add flair to your favorite white top and black pant or skirt combo.

Pencil Skirt

Pencil skirts are timeless. They are always a great addition to your professional wardrobe because you can expect to wear them countless times. A pencil skirt can make some of your favorite tops work ready. Combining them with a simple button-down top and heels is always a classic look. You can also try them with a simple top and cardigan.

Statement Jewelry

A statement piece can turn a simple outfit into a sleek, stylish look. It can be a statement necklace under the collar of a button-down or a blazer, or it can be showcased on top of a simple blouse. Alternatively, a watch or a bold bracelet can be a perfect addition to your outfit, especially when you are sporting rolled-up sleeves.

Wrap Dress

Wrap dresses are the perfect investment piece. They never go out of style and are perfect to wear to the office. Since these dresses are usually conservative, there is no need for a cardigan or blazer. Simply pair them with your favorite flats or heels and you are ready to go to work. Solid colored wrap dresses can go well with your statement jewelry or more bold shoes, while a wrap dress with a simple pattern is best paired with a simple shoe.


In a world of basic ballet flats, a loafer will stand out. These posh shoes will make your favorite outfits more unique and classy. They can compliment your favorite pants and blouse or sweater combinations perfectly.


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