Do’s and Dont’s of Game day Attire

My first game day at Virginia Tech, I had absolutely no idea what to wear and was never told you need to be ready by 9 AM for these games! For that reason, my first game day outfit was sub par, but from then on, I have had a lot of fun dressing for the games. Here are some helpful do’s and don’ts to dressing for Hokie game days!

Don’t: Wear any type of shoes with a heel


Game days are usually around a 6 hour ordeal where you’re on your feet the entire time. I’ve seen plenty of girls wearing wedges to the game and to say the least, they look miserable. You are going to be jumping, dancing, and definitely do not want to be that one friend who is complaining their feet hurt! Not to mention, tailgating spots can get very muddy. Going with a cute pair of sneakers that can be thrown in the wash afterwards is a no-brainer.

Do: Get Creative with your T-shirts!

acid dye

A normal Tech t-shirt is perfect for the game, but I have noticed so many girls getting crafty with this. I have seen them cut into tube tops, off the shoulder, distressed–it’s all up to you. I love seeing the plain tees turned into something completely different. The bleached tees are super popular right now and if you aren’t the do-it-yourself type, have no fear, there are about a million tutorials online to guide you! Pinterest also is a great site to turn to for some inspiration.

Don’t: Carry a large purse


You absolutely want to have your Hokie Passport, some money, and maybe a few other essentials, but I would not recommend bringing a large bag to the game! The lines getting into the stadium are super long, crowded, and you do not want to miss Enter Sandman! If you have a purse, chances are it will have to be checked prior which is going to slow you and your friends down! If you need too, opt for a small cross body.

Do: Wear sunglasses and sunscreen!

beauty products

Most of the games I’ve been to were very hot and sunny, besides the night games. This is all dependent on the weather, but without sunglasses I am always uncomfortably squinting. The sun strains your eyes and you will not last at the game for very long. Not only are sunglasses easy accessories to throw on, they will save your life at the game! Along with sunglasses, I would also suggest you wear sunscreen on your face and chest. Even if the temperature isn’t that high, the sun is still way stronger than you think. A lot of makeup foundations already have SPF in it which makes this step super easy. When you’re in the moment at the game, sunburn creeps up on you and it is not so fun afterwards!


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