Fall Favorites from VT Girls

Fall. It’s such a beautiful time of the year with the leaves changing, the crisp air, pumpkin spice everything, and of course, the fashion. Tis’ the season for flannels, leggings, and bean boots. Everyone has their own pieces of clothing or accessories they look forward to wearing when the seasons change, so I asked a few girls around campus what their fall favorites are.

Brittany Glidden & Shelby Mullen: Blanket Scarves, Flannels, and Oversized Sweaters


Brittany Glidden and her roommate Shelby Mullen have similar taste. They said they both love to wear blanket scarves and pair them with oversized sweaters to stay stylish. They keep their feet looking good with their various booties and Brittany pairs hers with cabin socks to really get in the fall spirit. To keep warm outside, Brittany sticks with her army green jacket and her Wubby, a fleece pullover that makes her feel like she’s wearing a cloud. Shelby loves her Patagonia’s. Like most girls during this season, Shelby’s favorite is her flannels to stay both comfy and trendy.

Jordan Reina & Grace Cooper: Vests, Bean Boots, and Beanies


It seems like roommates have the same style because Jordan Reina and Grace Cooper share similar fall favorites as well. They both love to whip out their vests when the weather gets a little crisper and Jordan loves to wear scarves and L.L. Bean Boots with hers. Just like me, one of Grace’s go-to tops is a turtleneck which she accessorizes with long chained layered necklaces. Grace’s most favorite fall accessory is her wide collection of beanies she wears to keep her head warm. Jordan loves makeup, so when the seasons change, so does her color scheme. She says she likes to wear darker lip colors and more red/brown toned eyeshadows to match the season.

Hailey Verga: Knot Hats, Dark Lips & Fuzzy Socks


Hailey Verga is also on the blanket scarf and vest trend, but she likes to keep in the Hokie spirit by wearing her maroon vest the most. Her favorite purchase and fall accessory to wear is her knot hat and always a pair of fuzzy socks to keep warm. Just like Jordan, she switches to darker lip colors rather than lighter ones as the seasons change.

Jackie Ethem & My Personal Favorites: Parkas, Cabin Socks, and Leggings


Personally, I am a firm believer that once the weather drops to around 50 degrees or below, it’s the proper time to wear leggings which I pair with cabin socks and my favorite Sperry Duck Boots. Now that the weather is chillier than before, especially walking across the Drillfield on the way to class, I love to wear my army green khaki short parka to keep me warm. My roommate, Jackie Ethem, feels the same way and loves her green jacket as much as me, but she loves her L.L. Bean Boots even more. I love to wear turtlenecks or mock neck sweaters, and shirts that I usually pair with a vest. When I want to be more comfortable and warm, I almost always wear crewnecks with my leggings and converse.

Although people have similar favorites to wear in the fall, each one puts their own personal style into their look. Whether it’s sweaters and scarves, or beanies and boots, everyone has similar feelings about this time of year: it’s the absolute best!

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